Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees

We, the graduate workers of Georgetown University, Have Organized a union to ensure better living and working conditions for graduate workers across departments and disciplines.

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our history

In 2015, if you had randomly stopped grad workers walking through Red Square, across the Med Campus, or heading to the GUTS buses and asked them how their experiences had been so far, you would have gotten a huge array of answers. However, if you’d asked them what the conditions were like for any other grad worker, in any department besides their own, you would likely have received blank stares in return. As Karen, a grad worker in the Philosophy Department, put it, “I had no idea how things worked in the departments on the floors above and below me, much less across campus!”

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For decades, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has been working with graduate employees to achieve more equity in compensation and benefits. The shift away from full-time, tenure-track faculty is accelerating, and has lead to the exploitation of graduate students being hired without job security, decent salary and benefits, or a strong voice in decision-making.