The role of unions in STEM fields: Union Town Halls

Over the past several months we have spoken to graduate workers across disciplines and departments. The overwhelming majority of STEM folks we have talked to are in strong support of having a union so we can collectively bargain of things that effect us across campus. 

We wanted to go a step further and invite STEM members from other unionized universities to talk to us about  what their experience is like.  

Examples of concerns: 

  • What it's like being I'm a unionized lab?
  • What about grant funding?
  • What types of things can STEM grads bargain over?
  • This new tax proposal that taxes tuition waivers would making paying bills even harder, what can we do? 

We are hosting 2 town halls next week, every graduate student is welcome, but these events will be focused on STEM fields. Monday at 6pm on Main Campus and Tuesday at 9am on the Medical Campus. Stop by grab a cup of coffee or snack, and get your questions answered.


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