We have a Bargaining Committee!

We have a Bargaining Committee! We are proud to announce that the following individuals have been elected to represent us at the table in contract negotiations with the administration:


Matt Dearstyne

Marya Hannun

Ari Janoff

Michael J. Lawrence

Deidre Nelms

Gerald Taylor


Melissa Collier

Vaughn Shirey

Casey Zipfel


Robert Cortes

Brent McDonnell

Avram Reisman

Daniel Solomon

George Koichi Wong

This moment is one that we have worked for ever since we started organizing nearly three years ago. As we have said on multiple times, the ultimate goal of our campaign is a contract that both reflects our needs and aspirations as graduate workers and values our contributions to Georgetown as research assistants, teaching assistants, and instructors of record. This election brings us one step closer to that goal.  

However, the Bargaining Committee can’t win a contract on its own. To win the best possible contract for graduate workers at Georgetown, the Bargaining Committee will need your support. In the coming weeks, the Bargaining Committee will work with our Contract Working Groups (CWGs) to develop proposals that address the issues you--and hundreds of graduate workers like you--raised in our Bargaining Survey, including increased compensation, dental and vision coverage, expanded health insurance, lower out-of-pocket expenses for health insurance, and countless others. The Bargaining Committee will also coordinate with the Organizing Committee (OC), as it continues to empower graduate workers and speak with them about their experiences at Georgetown.

Now is the perfect time for you to step up and get involved. We have repeatedly seen what we can achieve when we join together to fight for our interests.Organizing brought us to this moment--and organizing will win us the contract we deserve. If you would like to join a working group or become department organizer, you can contact the Organizing Committee at GAGEorganizing@gmail.com.

In Solidarity,

The GAGE Election Committee