Grad Student Orientation You Wish You Had

Let’s start the new semester by celebrating our community and building power in our movement.

Remember to stop by our coffee and tea hour tomorrow at 4 PM in Sellinger Lounge (across from the University Bookstore) and join us in welcoming our new colleagues to Georgetown!

Welcome International Grad Students

Monday, August 19, 4pm to 6pm, Sellinger Lounge

Grad Student Orientation You Wish You Had

Join us for the orientation you wish you had! We remember feeling lost on our first day as new grad students - who are also here to work. How do I know what forms to fill out to get my paycheck? Where can I use the student health insurance? How do I find a graduate assistantship? These questions are REAL and real overwhelming. But you're not alone. Come to our info sessions to get the insider perspective from grad workers who've made it through.

Invite the new and returning grad students in your department to our info sessions. The sessions are created and presented by GAGE members, real grad workers who have first hand experience with navigating bureaucracy just to get a paycheck, puzzling through the student healthcare, and hunting for assistantship positions.

Welcome to Work: Practical Tips on Stipends, Taxes, Benefits (PhD focus)

26 August, Monday at 9:30AM in Regents 239

Student Health Insurance: The Grad Student Perspective

27 August, Tuesday at 2:30 PM in ICC 462

Welcome to Work: Tips on Stipends, Taxes & Finding Assistantships (MA Focus)

28 August, Wednesday at 3:30 PM in New North 204