National Graduate Worker Organizing Shift

National Graduate Worker Organizing Shift

On March 16, 2018, The Presidents of four major unions - The American Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union, United Autoworkers, and UNITE Here - signed a letter uniting together around graduate worker unionization efforts across the United States.
When asked what efforts they may look to, AFT President Randi Weingarten “cited Georgetown University’s recent decision to negotiate terms of a graduate student union election outside NLRB channels.”

National Student Walkout

Today, we take a brief moment of reflection to think critically on the safety of the students that we teach, advise, mentor, and instruct in our labs. 

Today, at 10am, Georgetown students walked out of their classes for 17 minutes, raising their voices and demanding change on the one month anniversary of the Parkland tragedy. We have the right to work and teach in an environment free from the worry of being gunned down in our classrooms or on our way home from school.

We stand in full solidarity with our undergraduates across the United States in demanding that this issue is not forgotten, that real change happens, and that this real change comes from uniting together and letting our collective voices be heard.

Our Organizing is Working!

Our Organizing is Working!

On February 1st, Georgetown expressed its desire to GAGE to come to terms on a private election agreement that would not be controlled by any National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision regarding graduate students’ employee status under the National Labor Relations Act.  This is a major step forward in our negotiations with Georgetownand it wouldn’t have been possible without all of your hard work.

Solidarity Shouts: GAGE Deserves Better

The Georgetown Voice By: Logan ArkemaGabriel BergerMichael DeFelice and Daniel Luis Zager 

On Dec. 4, Georgetown abdicated its core values. We hope the university will change its course. 

Last month, Provost Robert Groves didn’t just refuse to recognize the Georgetown Alliance for Graduate Employees (GAGE) as a union representing Georgetown’s graduate workers; he also claimed that the people who teach some of Georgetown’s classes and do Georgetown’s research aren’t even workers. This is unacceptable. 


Graduate Student Workers Continue Push for Labor Union

The Hoya by Sarah Mendelsohn — January 19, 2018

Students pursuing university recognition of a graduate teaching assistant labor union will continue activism to persuade administrators to accept their proposal for the right to vote following a university email announcing new willingness to reexamine the issue of unionization.