new york university

  • Stipend increase of 38% for those making the minimum and a 15% increase for those making more than the minimum
  • Elimination of health insurance premium sharing (a savings for grads of about $1,000 per year), and improved dental coverage
  • Protections against having appointments withdrawn at the last minute
  • Increased child care subsidies and the establishment of a fund to cover up to 75% of family healthcare premiums

university of connecticut

  • Promotional stipend increases upon achieving Masters Status and PhD candidacy
  • Guaranteed maternity and paternity leave
  • 50% discount on parking

university of michigan

  • Guaranteed tuition waivers
  • Healthcare coverage extended for entire enrollment year
  • Job security against arbitrary terminations
  • A $2,500 subsidy for the cost of health care coverage for a spouse or family members, and guaranteed parental leave

  • Employer pays 95% of premiums, including for family coverage
  • An assistance fund for grads facing financial hardship, and SEVIS reimbursement for international grad students
  • Up to $360 reimbursement of visa costs for international grad students

university of oregon